Copy cats and original thinkers.

I cannot claim to be an original thinker. I’d like to think I am, but the reality is: if I’m thinking it, so is someone else.

If you’ve spent some time on Twitter then you’ll see proof of this every single day. As soon as any incident occurs you will see a raft of incredibly similar tweets. It’s not that people have no creativity, it’s just that we probably think in a similar way to the people we like and choose to follow.

We also have enough savvy to tail our our tweets to our audience. Whether we admit it or not, we want a million retweets and love the backslapping that follows a well received tweet.

If you’re fortunate, or creative enough then you will get a regular stream of retweets and followers, and you’ll probably deserve the accolades that come your way.

However, beyond the people who are creative enough to take the thoughts that many have and find an aspect that nobody else can see, then the easiest way to get followers is just take someone’s idea and claim it as your own.

This is a common occurrence on Twitter, and causes a lot of consternation. People see something they like and want a slice of the action. Understandably the people who initially created something are upset that their work has been stolen, and worst of all not credited.

I made a return to Twitter last night, after taking time off, and had a few tweets telling me that there were a few Twitter accounts doing the rounds, who had stolen my @footballtvshows idea.

Now, there are unquestionably a few accounts doing something very similar. Both of which are doing better in terms of followers and plaudits than my account.

Now, the tv pitch idea is certainly not an original idea of mine. Putting footballers in it might be, but I’m not certain. I’m sure people have done it before and just thrown about a few tweets, and then just moved on to different time wasting exercises.

I certainly know that the most tweeted idea wasn’t mine. Someone told me to come up with a “Fash in the attic” and although the premise of the show was mine, the name had done the rounds for years.

So, how angry can I be that others have adapted my ideas and are running their own successful accounts?

Well the idea to make it into a full account was mine, so yes that’s annoying. And it took me a while to adapt the formula and the format to the tweets, so that’s also annoying that they get the benefit of my trials and errors.

I put the idea into the Twitter consciousness, people saw there might be a market and decided they wanted a piece of the action. Perhaps they just saw it and thought: “I can do that better”

I honestly do not know, and I won’t get too hung up on it as in a way it’s flattering that someone likes your idea and then makes it successful.

I suppose deep down a little nod of thanks is all I wanted. A “you were the inspiration for this” or even “good idea, mind if I adapt it?”

Too much to ask for though, and good luck to those who’ve started these new accounts.

In the end if I moan too much I’ll sound like that Italian author who claimed to have invented Harry Potter before JK Rowling.

It’s difficult to prove that you created something, as we all have ideas, and 99% of the time others are having similar ones.


One thought on “Copy cats and original thinkers.

  1. I saw on Twitter a couple of RT’s of other accounts using the same premise, but I know that @footballtvshows is the original. I once spent hours thinking about, trying to craft the perfect title and description before tweeting. The standard – and here’s the difference with @footballtvshows and the others – is that the standard is high now. The other accounts are still at non-league level.
    If I may steal a phrase. Often imitated, never beaten.

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