Blindly hoping to find

When Mark Robins walked away from Huddersfield Town, messages immediately started appearing from fans saying who they wanted to come in and take over.

Football fans always start off as optimists, but reality brings pessimism. Once the boss you want, a Champions League winning manager, has been ruled out, you’re left with a list of candidates who leave you pulling your hair out. It stops being about the best candidate, and starts being about who is the best of a bad bunch?

So, who will Huddersfield choose? I have no insider knowledge so this isn’t going to be a huge scoop. If you look at history however, I’d rule out a big name.

Lee Clark was assistant at Norwich, Simon Grayson had been fired by Leeds, and Mark Robins was at Coventry.

Doesn’t tell you a lot, but all are also relatively young managers, and in the case of Grayson and Robins, had a reasonable record at similarly sized clubs.

None of them were particularly huge characters. Clark had his moments, and was a passionate guy, but had similar qualities and similar faults to both Grayson and Robins.

All three, in my view, were similar managers. Clark seemed the only one who wanted to really leave a stamp on the club, however.

I would not be surprised, considering our previous hiring policy, if we went down a similar route again. The manager will almost certainly be young, either a young up and comer or a manager who has done ok at a similar sized club.

So, with that in mind I think the club will end up taking a punt on a manager. They’ll look honestly, and interview thoroughly, but ultimately I suspect whoever is chosen will not be a name to get excited about.

It’ll be someone the club can control, and someone who buys into what the club want to achieve. A restricted budget and high expectations from an average squad is likely to put off big name managers.

We still hope, rather than expect, that this time we’ll get the right manager.

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