The desperate search for continuity

It was over for Mark Robins when we played Leicester last season. As the game ended the majority of fans shuffled out of the stadium rather than stay to witness a lap of honour.

What had started as an admirable project: to get the team to play football properly, had stalled drastically. Obvious failings weren’t being addressed, and the whole squad looked like they were happy to see the season out.

If there was a time for Robins to go, then that was probably it as things were petering out and the spark was lacking.

It seems that he decided to leave the club last night, as didn’t feel he could achieve his goals in the way set out by the board. I respect him for that decision but it was a realisation he should have come to in May, and leaving now could leave the club in a real mess.

Although it seems the decision was Robins’, I’m sure he was aware that he was a few bad results away from the sack so decided to jump first.

Regardless of reasons, Huddersfield Town are again on the desperate hunt for a manager who can deliver a lot on a limited budget. Unfortunately, judging on the recent past it won’t be too long until we’re searching for his replacement either.

The club seem to be giving managers just over a season, and don’t seem keen to back a manager when trouble inevitably comes along. For a team with a low budget compared to the majority of the division, there will be rough days and we’ll almost certainly lose more games than we win.

We’re underdogs in this league, and even when we’ve won games the margins were often fine. To get trigger happy in this division after a bad patch is a risky strategy for a board to employ.

Whoever comes in is going to have to achieve a lot without significant investment. He’s also going to have to contend with a hands on board, whose intentions are honest but frequently misguided.

The club have to recover from an average transfer window, and a now possibly wasted preseason. Once again it’s important that the club make the right appointment, and once again it seems unlikely that they will.

No unnecessary finger pointing, but it’s time for the club to redress it’s expectations, realise it’s limitations, and learn to fight through the tough moments without throwing our toys out of the pram.

The only way is up!

2 thoughts on “The desperate search for continuity

  1. Sound sentiments. People – fans and boards – need to be more realistic in their expectations. It sounds as though the fans knew it wasn’t going to get better last season, and a summer of festering anger all spilled out on the first day of the season. That surely must have contributed to his departure.

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