A twitter quiz: what do you do when?

Ever wondered what to do when someone on twitter says something less than complimentary about your football club on twitter? Are you responding in the right way? This quiz will tell you if you’re responding in the right way.

1. A player from the opposition goes down injured. What do you tweet?
A) oh dear, I hope he’s ok.
B) bet he’s faking it, typical Arsenal always bloody cheating. That bone poking through the socks is clearly fake.
C) I hope the cocky wankers career is over. That’ll learn him for attempting to beat our defender. Die injured player die.

2. Someone criticises your summer transfer deals. What do you tweet?
A) we should wait and see, as some players might surprise you.
B) yeah, whatever. In 2002 you signed someone shit, so you can hardly talk.
C) You fucking homo cunt. Go back to your own country and die. #ynwa

3. Your best player is linked with a move elsewhere. What do you tweet?
A) Please don’t leave @bestplayer we love you.
B) if he goes I’ll just have to burn my shirt, and his house down.
C) Fucking dickstain, no fucking loyalty. Can’t trust fucking foreigners.

4. Someone says you’ll get relegated this season. What do you tweet?
A) I guess we could. Probably could have bought better and the manager isn’t very inspiring.
B) you’ll get relegated, and your mum is ugly.
C) there’s a car park in Leicester, meet me there and I’ll kick your head in you fucking shit stain.

5. There’s a gif doing the rounds that makes your manager look like a fool.
A) haha, how amusing. Having your own picture on your wall is silly.
B) grow up, you fucking virgins. Get back to your parents basements (cellar?)
C) how fucking dare you, he’s a genius. What have you achieved? He’s the son of Shankly you cunt.

So how did you do?
Mostly a) you’re far too rational.
Mostly b) you probably need to get a little bit angry.
Mostly c) welcome to twitter, we’ve been waiting for you