5 reasons to keep Mark Robins

Huddersfield Town are now safe for another year of Championship football, and the planning for season can begin.

However, after a very poor finish to the season, questions are being asked about Mark Robins, and his ability to push the club forward.

As uninspiring as the second half of the season has been, I’m going to argue the case that Robins should stay, and present 5 reasons for this argument.

1) Things have improved on the pitch:
All season I’ve said that the team need to improve their tempo to really move the new passing style forward. However, at least they’ve been trying to play, and for a lot of the season they’ve played it very well.
It does need to be refined, and it needs a team who can really play the system, but it’s vastly preferable to the tedious knock it long to their defenders style played under Simon Grayson.

2) He’s not been afraid to make decisions or acknowledge his mistakes:
When the game is there for the taking Robins tends to throw an attacking player on, to give us the best chance of a victory.
When he’s signed the wrong player, he hasn’t stuck with them and wasted time on them, he’s sent them out on loan and worked to get them out of the club.
It might not be a quality that everyone appreciates but he clearly doesn’t want the wrong kind of player or anybody with a bad attitude.
It’s been risky, especially towards the end of the season, when Nakhi Wells was forced to play up front on his own, but Robins clearly won’t waste time on players he doesn’t want.

3) He’s given youth a chance:
When Peter Clarke got injured, everyone assumed that Robins would get a player on loan. Instead he went to the clubs youth set up, and promoted Tommy Smith to the first team. Smith prospered and really stood out, until he ran out of gas towards the end of the season.
Other young players have been given their chance under Robins, and I wholeheartedly approve using the academy over the loan market. It benefits our club in the long run, rather than offering a Chelsea youth team player a temporary escape from their seemingly inescapable youth system.
Players like Smith and Duane Holmes could potentially be first team regulars for years to come, so having a manager who’ll give them an opportunity is unquestionably a good thing.

4) He’s achieved his preseason aims.
The aim for this season was to push on from last season, and being safe with 2 games to go is progress, regardless of higher points tallies from last year.
If James Vaughan had avoided injury we would’ve been safe a month earlier and the improvements in play and it’s safe to say that things are slowly but surely getting better.

5) He’s close to getting entirely his own squad:

With a number of players out of contract in the summer, and Robins work over the season to remove the players who haven’t fitted in, we are now closer to seeing Mark Robins’ own squad. If more players of the calibre of Nakhi Wells come in then next season could see a huge improvement.

There have been mistakes, and maybe things haven’t been perfect, but gradual progression and not sacking a manager every season surely has to be positive.

Or you could sack him, and bring in Billy Davies, or something.

2 thoughts on “5 reasons to keep Mark Robins

  1. Disagree – less points than last season and out of trouble with two games to go? Last 26 games – 6 wins (5 against bottom teams), 6 draws & 14 defeats. F30 A41. 24 points. Relegation form.

    Has to acknowledge mistakes there have been so many. Jordan Sinnott’s treatment will stay long in the mind. Hope it doesn’t ruin a young mans career.

    See above. He has to give youth a chance cos there is no depth to it. Only a Smith & Holmes have really emerged this year.

    Players technically signed in his time include Vaughan & Hammill who were well known to the club. Others he has signed is like a “where are they now” quiz – Richards, Carroll, Carr, Stead, Patterson, Tronstad, Lopez, Lolley, & Bunn. Hogg & Wells do stand out but neither cheap and hardly likely to fit the FFP rules if they are all at that level.

    Feels very much like a wasted season on the pitch. Thank goodness some of the off pitch work has helped the longer term future. Mid table mediocrity is not wanted – even if it is as good as it’s got for over a decade!!

  2. Rome wasn’t built in a day, agree with all of this, look at the team he’s got as well most of them are players Grayson and even Clarke brought in, most of the players he has brought in have been playing for the development squad they’re only young and they time will come, Stead should of never come back, Patterson was a waste and that Richards was on loan from Swansea.

    At the end of the day who else are you going to bring in, I don’t think theirs a manager out there really beside Warnock maybe? For Billy Davies I see him as a step backwards. Forrest fans use to complain about how reclusive he actually was from the club and in my opinion if he can’t secure at least a play off position with arguably one of the best teams in the championship then whats he going to do at town?

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