The end of season holiday special

You know a sitcom has run out of steam, and the writers out of ideas, when they send all the characters on holiday.

What once was fresh and original has now become cliched and dull. It’s all your favourite characters in shorts, drinking cocktails, and getting into scrapes involving swarthy foreigners.

Now this might seem stretched and tenuous, but at Huddersfield Town what was fresh and new, is now becoming dull and predictable, and it’s seemingly leading to us all ending up on the beach well before the season reaches it’s climax.

Mark Robins started this season with a team that was going to play exciting football, and finally transform the ethos at a club that lacked a clear footballing direction.

It was going to be exciting passing football, that would move us away from being relegation candidates.

It started well enough, with defenders attempting to pass from the back, and a fresh determination to play though the middle was adopted.

It was all fairly successful to begin with, as the Terriers picked up some good results, but the football lacked tempo and pace.

Teams who play that style well make three passes in the time it takes Peter Clarke to position his foot to clumsily sidefoot the ball near to Keith Southern.

The football hasn’t really improved since the beginning of the season, and although there have been fine performances, or good halves, but it’s all still a bit transitional.

Injuries haven’t helped matters, with the team looking infinitely better with the frequently absent James Vaughan, but for the last few months it’s all looked very tired and dull.

So that’s why we find ourselves stuck on the beach. We’re still trying, but not very hard anymore. The players look as if they’ve eaten too much of the continental breakfast, and are distracted by the slot machines.

The rest of the season looks destined to end with all the players in flip flops carrying a straw donkey around the midfield.

Whether the programme will be renewed for next season remains to be seen, but at the moment we look destined to add some long lost cousin to the whole thing and ruining it completely.

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