Football & celebrity: it’s going in One Direction

Louis Tomlinson, whose name means very little to me, played twenty minutes or so for Doncaster Rovers yesterday. So far, so what ?

Well according to some furious people, who get really angry about the music that teenage girls like, he’s a popstar and it makes a mockery of the game.

“He’s not a footballer” screams an adolescent male, who seems to think that football is an exclusive club to which, only people he approves of are invited.

Personally I think it’s an absolutely cracking thing for all involved. Tomlinson gets a chance to play for the team he supports. He raises the profile of said team, and a lot of money goes to charity. It’s an absolute win win, and nobody gets hurt in the process.

Football and celebrity now go hand in hand, and to get upset about a pop star, who comes across as a pleasant enough sort of chap, being involved in the game just confuses me.

The men shaking their heads, and muttering their fury about the music that teenage girls enjoy just befuddles me further.

If you don’t like proper music, then you’re an idiot seems to be the message they’re peddling. How dare these young girls have any excitement in their lives seems to be the other.

If there’s one thing worse than a small minded football fan, it’s a music snob. This story brings out the very worst in both.

In the future many smaller clubs are likely to be hugely reliant on stunts like this, as young fans gravitate towards supporting the giant forces in the game, so I’d suggest that we got used to this sort of thing.

I personally cannot wait for Darius to get 15 minutes late on in the Merseyside derby.

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