Sexism: hidden away, but still alive and well

Gabby Logan presented Match of the Day last night. This is not a remarkable piece of news; she presents football shows and has done for a number of years.

However to twitter’s army of “lads” this was a horrendous, gut wrenching, putrid development, that left them choking on their “man crisps”

For whatever reason they couldn’t accept that a woman could present a football show, and decided to take to twitter to attempt to banish Logan to the kitchen. “Where she belongs”

Now these were nearly all young men, clearly deeply insecure and espousing views they’d probably picked up over time from their own male influences. Friends, fathers, tv shows & zoo magazine.

It’s sad, but much like racism, homophobia, and general pig headedness, sexism is alive and well. It thrives on the internet, where angry young men take out their rage on most issues.

Take a look on any YouTube comments section and you’ll see that these views are still prevalent.

Much as we’d like this not to be the case; the evidence is just too clear for us to ignore.

A greater stand should be taken, but it won’t be as admitting there’s a problem is just too hard for many to do. Sadly, the lads who sent those tweets probably think that’s normal, and perfectly acceptable.

One thought on “Sexism: hidden away, but still alive and well

  1. Important to keep in mind that they are a vocal minority though, yes it’s sad that some think that way, but it’s a reflection on them rather than anything else. I watched Match of the Day yesterday and it didn’t even register that it was a woman presenter, just Gabby Logan. Don’t let a few idiots wind you up, I’m sure Gabby doesn’t :o)

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