Goodbye @FootballCharlie

It started with the intention to have a week off Twitter, that then became a month, then in this last week or so it dawned on me that I didn’t need to come back to it, ever again.

Now, rather than attempt to explain through many extended and tightly strained metaphors as to why I’m leaving I thought I’d just remember the highlights of my time in social media.

Consider this like Match of the Day without all the talking sections. A highlights package if you will.

I’ve enjoyed a lot of moments on twitter: getting over 2000 followers was hugely unexpected, especially as I was offering zero tactical insight and rarely said anything of interest about passing stats.

Being followed by some truly incredible people, always genuinely excited me. I was like a child at Christmas whenever a journalist or footballer followed me. I was less excited when they inevitably unfollowed me a week later.

I got over a thousand retweets for something I wrote about John Terry. I had a tweet published in the first ever Sun on Sunday (didn’t buy it, wouldn’t wipe my backside with that rag). I was followed for about 2 weeks by the respected journalist Des Kelly, and also an account claiming to be Ron Atkinson.

I got the opportunity to write for the Guardian, a chance to speak on podcasts, and I even managed to successfully promote a blog or two. Gaining thousands of readers along the way.

I was helped along the way by incredible people. Kay Murray gave me an enormous amount of belief, when I had about 14 followers. LadyArse promoted me in ways that helped me get the huge number of followers I eventually gained. Without them I would’ve walked away a long time ago.

Natasha Henry kindly promoted many things I wrote, whilst Greg of @sofalife fame offered support and comradeship when needed. Also John Dobson gave me an opportunity I would never have been offered without twitter, so it’s unquestionably been worthwhile.

There are countless others, too numerous to mention, and as I’m a fan of brevity I’ll sum it up by saying: yes I mean you.

I’ll miss twitter, but I’ve reached a point where I don’t need it anymore. I’m sure it’ll cope without me. Also with twitter football had stopped surprising me, and it’s nice not to know anything sometimes.

Thank you little blue bird for letting me be so self indulgent this last few years.

Also now Alan Curbishley is back in football, what more is there to say? Isn’t that right Ben McAleer.

Oh and I’ll still do a top 25 blog list, so keep watching @90secfootball

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