A Twitter free Saturday

I’m a twitter addict; and I really cannot deny that. Like many addictions though, you don’t always enjoy it, you do it because it’s become a habit.

So, with that in mind I decided this week to go “cold turkey” and so I deactivated my account, and deleted the app from my phone.

This isn’t intended as an attention seeking stunt, or a social experiment, I just needed a rest.

The downside to this form of social media is that you can be talking to hundreds of people you’ve never met everyday, but be ignoring those closest to you.

For my part, I feel that I’ve put so many limitations on my tweeting that I’m not just writing freely; I’m tailoring them to an audience.

It’s like a tweet written and checked by a committee. It’s lost any notion of what it would’ve been, that it’s now absolutely worthless,uber safe, drivel. “Don’t want to upset the 18-25 market with this tweet”

So, what impact would a twitter free Saturday have? Well, here are the facts: Huddersfield were on tv, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch live. So, I’d have to ignore the result all day.

Now with twitter this would be impossible. As I’m fully addicted I can’t resist checking, and it only takes a second to see “Town goal” or more often than not a page of “oh for fucks sake Gerrard” tweets.

Amazingly I managed to avoid the result with ease, and I was able to just sit and watch the game. I enjoyed it, and I didn’t bore anyone with my always inaccurate tactical analysis.

Another bonus, later in the day, was being able to watch Match of the Day without knowing a single result. Perhaps better still I didn’t know which goals to look out for, or which moments I needed to see.

Even more refreshing than a pint of water after a day in the sauna, was not having a long list of “Hansen been drinking” tweets, or the utter disbelief from some that the purposefully Everyman analysis isn’t up to the standards of a Jonathan Wilson book.

I like Match of the Day, and have no desire to see it become a tactical feast in which boring journalists in bad knitwear chin stroke & eulogise about the benefits of a back three. “And next: 25 minutes on the significance of passing stats”

And so, without the outpouring of fury that always occurs when football meets twitter, I definitely enjoyed my Saturday without social media.

I love the interaction on twitter, but a weekend without it was a breath of fresh air, and it made me question whether I really need to go back to it. Perhaps I just need to turn it off when the football is on.

Twitter, I love you, but maybe it’s time we saw other people. Do you have the number of Friends reunited?

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