Managers come & go and it’s time to accept it

Every season it seems that about half of all football league clubs part ways with their manager. It usually starts about 5 games into any season and once it starts it soon spirals out of control.

Deserved sackings for consistently poor results, hard luck stories, fall outs with the board. Multiple reasons are given, but all that remains is a quote from a “shocked” journalist saying “nothing in football surprises me anymore”

Now I want clubs to stick by their managers, and I strongly believe that long term planning & proper coaching systems should be in place at every club, but this sort of planning is alien to football. It’s short term gain they want, and the future will just have to pull it’s socks up and look after itself. Right now we’re going to drink that vat of grease & damn to the long term consequences.

The truth of it is if you don’t sack your manager this season, he’ll be gone the next. Managers have an impact for a while and everybody buys into their philosophy, but that soon gets stale and a desire for something different takes over.

Consistency is the opposite of what most football fans want with their manager. If you’re playing it on the ground, they want it in the air, if you’re rugged & tough, you want finesse. For fans of football the grass is always greener, and the opposite is always best.

Much as some of us long for a manager to take our clubs forward for the next decade, what we must realise is that they’ll probably only be there to navigate your club through a few matches & a difficult lunch time.

Short term planning is king in football, and unless things change radically we should just accept regular managerial sackings as an inevitability. Don’t get to know their names, they won’t be here for long.

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