Why it’s no fun being in on the joke

The Go Compare adverts now have the opera singer, who used to jump out on people and sing in an annoying manner, pitching his ideas to disinterested marketing executives.

The company, they probably think hilariously, have admitted that this was an annoying character and now they’re mocking him, and letting us all know they’re in on the joke. Ho ho hum.

This self aware, we’re in on the joke style has recently come into many England fans thinking. “have we got a chance in the World Cup? Duh, what do you think?”

Now the culprit in chief is probably Adrian Chiles. He spends broadcasts basically saying to viewers “yes we know they’re totally shit, but if you’ve nothing better to do, then why not watch, although nobody would blame you for driving a forklift through the national grid”

Now, my expectations of England aren’t always sky high, but without the hope that they can do something impossible then what’s the point watching? Football and realism rarely make comfortable bedfellows, so we should try and keep them separate where possible.

Surely we need to be able to dream, rather than have it pointed out how bad we are by the people who are meant to be telling everyone that we’re actually worth watching.

England aren’t much fun when they’re arrogant, but now we’re just Eeyore, moping about the place telling anybody who’ll listen just how crap we are.

It’d be nice to actually just watch the football, and let it surprise us, rather than resigning ourselves to the scrapheap.

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