What happens when the window closes?

As the season starts to establish itself, it’s about time for people to start saying: “we need to give him more time” and “he just needs to play in his actual position”

That’s right I’m here to discuss the fear that your clubs new signing might just be a terrible waste of money. That those transfer deals you conducted might be a drain on the clubs finances for years to come.

Now every season fans get frighteningly obsessed about their club buying everyone on earth, without considering any kind of long term future for these players.

They just want them for the game at the weekend, and otherwise they really don’t care. At this point getting the player, any player, to sign on the dotted line is all that matters.

However, once these signings have played a few games the excitement dies down, and the long term future of the player then suddenly becomes a consideration.

They might dazzle from the start and you just hope they stick around for ever, but sadly at least one of the players you signed will flop, and you’ll just want them to go, and soon.

What happened? The stats looked good, they said the right things in the interview, but on the pitch they look slower than you expected, their first touch is heavy & they’ve missed about 3 very good goal scoring chances already.

Suddenly the doubts kick in, and you find yourself like Chandler when he realised that his new roommate was more than a little off.

Before you know it that signing is using a dehydrator on his fruit and has put his goldfish in his pocket. And you’re left thinking “what have we signed here?”

The flop signing is almost inevitable, and I’m sure you already have doubts about one or two of the players your club signed this summer.

Sooner or later that player you were so keen to sign will be sat on the bench, then in the reserves, then out on loan to the club you signed them from.

And yet we never learn, and next year we’ll demand we sign a whole load more future flops. That’s football, I suppose.

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