All I need is Cigarettes and football…

I’ve always intended this site to be a collaborative effort, and recently it’s been a whole heap of attention seeking nonsense from yours truly.
So with that in mind I was lucky enough to get a 90 second post from Greg Marah. Be sure to follow him on twitter @mrgregmarah after you’ve read his musing on the latest twitter explosion.

Overreaction is far too common these days. It has been fuelled by rolling news channels, social media and every person who has an internet connection.

Today’s overreaction seemed to be Jack Wilshere having a puff of a cigarette on a night out and clearly anyone earmarked as one of the few bright talents in the English game cannot do such a thing.

Take the primary school faced cricketer Joe Root who was snapped having a roll up, alongside fellow ashes winner Tim Bresnan, a few months ago. Uproar, debate and a conclusion the professional sport is changing was the name of the media game over the next few days.

That last point then makes you think; perhaps it’s not an overreaction. A player on tens of thousands of pounds a week who has his fitness and diet scrutinised daily to make him the professional athlete he is, should not be doing anything which could affect his fitness and ability. The stats are out there, smoking does that to you.

Whilst people may sight numerous former sportsmen who regularly lit up or smoked at least ten a day in defence of Wilshere, they forget sport is totally different in the age of specific sport sciences and where the backroom staff of top clubs probably equal the squad size, analysing every aspect of a players game.

Whilst the Arsenal midfielder took to the old medium of twitter to deny being a smoker, those who choose to pass judgement on every slightly newsworthy story ridiculed Wilshere. These same people most likely forget the past indiscretions of Terry, Rooney et al. Thus an overreaction took place.

However, the old arguments that “he is only human” and “let him have some fun whilst he is young” don’t really go a long way in defence of Wilshere. He may not realise it but he’s a role model and supposed to be professional. Stick to the candy cigarettes Jack (whatever happened to those?!).

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