6 questions for a Barnsley fan

By now you should know the drill: I ask the fan of our opposition 6 intensely searching questions so you know what to expect for the game ahead. Barnsley fan Liam Dyson was generous enough to answer my questions. Follow him on twitter @weststandbogs

1)After joining us in the survival party on the final day of last season, what are your hopes for the year ahead?

If you’d have asked me this at 2.50pm on August 3rd I’d have said mid table, a continuation of the amazing work Flitcroft did in the second half of last season and more of the same graft, hard work and good football we saw from a small squad.

However, after conceding 10 goals in our last 2 games I’m just hoping we manage to keep a clean sheet and manage to get a free kick in the opponents half before Christmas.

2)Do you have the right manager?
I think so. You don’t get the results and performances Flitcroft did without having something about you. However, it’s his first job, he’s going to make mistakes and is at the minute. I’ve still no doubt we’ll come good. I hope.

3)Who is your best player/one to watch?
Jacob Mellis. One of the only players in our squad that has any sort of quality. When he plays well, we do. There’s also Tomasz Cwyka or ‘Polish Tom’ that scores a few goals off the bench and always looks tricky despitr never starting games. After that we’ve got plenty of grafters but David Perkins stands out above the majority. And not because he’s an albino.

4)Which player is stealing a living?
I wouldn’t like to say…but I don’t particularly rate Tom Kennedy, our left back/centre half/quarterback as he’s known to our gaffer.

5)Any Huddersfield players who cause you concern?
Adam Hammill. Quality player on his day and I’ve no doubt we’ll give him the freedom of Oakwell to produce some of the stuff he did quite regularly for us.

Do you have a prediction?
6. 1-0 Barnsley. Or 6-1 Huddersfield

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