6 questions for a Bournemouth fan

Thanks to @AFCBTony for these answers
1)After promotion last season, what are your expectations for the season ahead?

Massively looking forward to the season, we haven’t been in the second tier since 1990, so it’s a big deal for us. Given the size and quality of our squad, I think most fans would expect us to stay up. Think we’ll be fine at home, but will find it much harder on our travels (already lost 6-1 at a very good Watford side). Maybe 14th or 15th would be a decent effort. That said if we are doing OK at Christmas and our owner dips his hand in his pocket, maybe 10th…

2)Do you have the right manager?

Without a doubt. I doubt there is another club in the 92 with a more popular manager than Sir Eddie Howe…kept us in the Football League and has got us promoted twice. A legend as a player and a legend as gaffer.

3)Who’s your best player/one to watch?

Our left-back Charlie Daniels is pound for pound our best player for me. Solid defensively and loves to bomb forward. I really rate him and if he has another good season at Championship level, he could get picked up by a bigger club

4) Which player is stealing a living?

Wes Thomas…didn’t want to know last season, went out on loan to all and sundry…yet no one’s come in for him and it looks as if Eddie’s giving him a chance. He can’t hit a cow’s backside with the proverbial banjo…

5)Which Huddersfield player causes you concern?

Looks like Town have bought well, James Vaughan is an obvious threat and I know a lot of Watford fans rated Hogg

6) What’s your prediction?

We’ve had some decent games with Town over the years, there’s usually goals, I’m saying 2-2

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