10 things I’m most not looking forward to about the new Premier League season

It’s Premier League time again. The nine-month cavalcade of what is bound to be the best season ever cranks into gear and it’s arrival is greeted by a proliferation of articles about the ten things various journalists are looking forward to about the new season.
At the risk of sounding like a contrarian, here are the top ten things I already hate about the new season.

10. Debates about technology in the game to make crucial decisions that won’t be used above twice all season and the debate about the debate and the inevitable backlash when Hawkeye proves inconclusive.

9. The lack of coverage of anything/everything else in the sporting pantheon.

8. The BT-Sky ‘war’.

7. What Luis Suarez does next and associated discussion from people who know no more than the girl on a certain Manchester megastore checkout desk. [Note to subs – does Manchester still have certain megastores?]

6. Pre-match press conferences.

5. Post-match press conferences.

4. Match of the Day.

3. Gareth Bale’s goal celebration.

2. Bleating about squad numbers as if the Arabic symbol on a player’s back has ever meant anything of great significance.

1. The sheer banality of it all.

Oh and Ian Holloway

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