Denis Suarez – The Departing King of the EDS Castle

90 second football is meant to be a collaborative site, where everyone and anybody can contribute any idea about football. Once again I have a superb writer offering work for the site, on subjects I know little about, which is great. This is by Alex Timperley who you should follow on twitter @weneedyoualex

Since Manchester City were taken over by the richest humans that have ever existed, a lot of underserved/deserved (delete according to bias) stick has been sent their way for paying over the odds for players and putting them on inflated wages. The name “Wayne Bridge” will induce a brain hernia until the day I die.

Less attention, however, is paid to City’s burgeoning youth academy. From the recruitment of prodigies such as Manu Garcia and older heads in charge, Ferran Soriano and Txiki Begiristain, to the building of the £100 million Etihad Campus, it is clear that City plan to be sustainable in the future. It is intended that a fully home grown squad is available to whichever futuristic robot manager is in charge in 2027.

However, right now, the Elite Development Squad has one particular jewel in its crown – Denis Suarez. An attacking midfielder who won the 2012 European Under-19 Championship, he is the natural heir to David Silva both domestically and internationally. He is already both taller and faster than the City number 21 and has the brightest of futures ahead of him. In the EDS, he currently has only one peer, the highly rated but injury blighted John Guidetti. Both are destined to be huge international stars, but it looks like only one will be a City player when that time comes.

The thing is, Suarez is currently attracting the attention of Barcelona who have, allegedly, been busy telling him that he will never get the chance in the City first team that he deserves. This is absolute tripe, but it is not difficult to see why signing a contract that guarantees him a place in the Barcelona first team within three seasons is appealing:

He has recently seen the purchase of Stevan Jovetic and Álvaro Negredo who will further congest the City forward line. Both David Silva and Sergio Aguero seem to be grown-ups and are going nowhere. This in addition to the inevitable promotion of Guidetti makes it difficult to see where opportunities will come in the following years.

If the sale of Suarez goes through by the end of the week as the chatter is saying, it will be a step back for both the club and the player.

City pulled off a coup in getting Suarez’s signature in front of Chelsea, Manchester United and, yes, Barcelona when they signed him from Celta Vigo. Losing him again as he nears a breakthrough will look weak and, combined with the loss of Juan Roman last year, will give Barcelona the impression they can cherry pick from the EDS at will.

For Suarez, it is not difficult to imagine him stagnating in the Barcelona B team for two years, being deemed to have not progressed far enough, and then being sold again. This makes me sad. The Barcelona forward line is even more congested than City’s and, crucially, a lot of them also play for Spain. He will not get his full international chance if he is sat on the bench behind them instead of playing games somewhere else.

Stay with us, sweet prince!

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