Captain chaos? A case for the defence

It won’t have escaped the attention of beady eyed Huddersfield Town fans that we are yet to recruit a centre back this summer. Even after Ross Wilson has been made so aware of the fact through his twitter account.

This will alarm many, as the defence is seen as a weak link, and having conceded six goals on more than one occasion last term, it’s certainly not absurd to suggest that it’s not exactly rock solid.

However, as we find our feet in the Championship and adjust to the limitations of financial fair play, we must realise that we won’t be able to just buy a top class defender, or even a defender who’ll be significantly better than who we currently have.

Now club captain Peter Clarke is currently being highlighted by many as the root of all evil, but I’d suggest he’s getting a rough ride.

He’s unquestionably a limited defender but he isn’t the clown he’s being portrayed to be. Fully committed, strong, and picked by three consecutive managers as their captain. He must be doing something right, as when managerial job expectancy is about a year, there’s little room for sentiment.

He’s consistently saved the team more times than he’s cost them, and I’d suggest this will continue to be the case.

Like everyone he’ll have bad games, and his critics will go out of their way to point out his mistakes. However I’d argue that the defence was consistently let down by the midfield last term, and hopefully this has been addressed.

Given time I’m sure we will replace him, but I for one won’t be crying out if I see his name on the teamsheet at any point this coming season.

One thought on “Captain chaos? A case for the defence

  1. I think Hogg will provide the defensive support we need. After the new Gaffer settled in we were much better anyway. Check the stats on goals conceded under Robbins. And we have yet to see the best of Murray Wallace.

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