The 90 second League 1 preview

Following our 90-second look at League 2, it’s time to apply the same principle to League 1.

A major cup-final and promotion leaves a lot to live up to in the new season. Could struggle.

How do they pick themselves up from promotion heartbreak twice over? Could struggle.

Bristol City
Relegated with a whimper last season, though Sean O’Driscoll was at least able to start rebuilding. Could struggle.

Danny Cadamarteri? Could struggle.

Have some familiar players, but does Colchester really have a football club? Most elaborate hoax, ever. Could struggle.

What an absolute mess. Could struggle.

Steve Evans isn’t in charge any more and that’s all anyone knows about them. Could struggle.

As pre-season preparation goes, getting half a side charged with rape isn’t a good idea. Could struggle.

Martin Allen is still in management. Could struggle.

Unless Wikipedia has been vandalised, they’ve got a player called De’Reece Vanderhyde. Could struggle.

Milton Keynes
Hope they struggle. Could struggle.

Notts County
Cosmopolitan squad, nice bloke in charge. Could struggle.

Foetal manager. Could struggle.

Called ‘the Posh’. It’s a lie. Could struggle.

Port Vale
Promoted last season, but little to suggest they’ll carry that momentum on. Could struggle.

Dour manager, though one with a habit of getting clubs promoted from this division. Kevin Davies lends experience and elbows to the attack. Could struggle.

Runners-up in League 2 last season, though difficult to see how that happened. Could struggle.

Sheffield United
Rapidly becoming a fixture in this division. Huge squad which includes American expressionist/neo-Dadaist painter Jasper Johns. A maverick move. Could struggle.

Skinny squad, low on recognisable names. Could struggle.

Formerly a set of alehouse long-ball biffers under Graham Westley. Well he’s back. Could struggle.

Start the season without a manager. Could struggle.

Having Max Power on your books should ensure success. Could struggle.

Another one of those clubs it’s easy to forget about. Unremarkable in so many ways. Could struggle.

How did it come to this? By hiring Dean Saunders, mainly. He’s gone, Kenny Jackett is in. Surely they can’t drop lower than this. Could struggle.

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