Retweeting failed predictions: the tedious twitter trend

With a new season on the horizon every football fan will be making futile predictions about the fortunes of their team.

Now you are basically asking someone to predict the future, with only a select amount of information to hand. It’s not easy, and if you get it right you’ve been lucky. However, get it wrong and you’re clearly a moron.

Now it’s an increasingly common twitter practise to trawl back months to find a prediction from a tweeter and retweet it to illustrate what a clueless dickhead a person is.

If someone has made a prediction with the clear intent to wind people up, and to “troll” then to highlight their cretinous nature is fair enough. However, when someone has made a fair prediction and just got it wrong, then surely ridiculing them, and retweeting ad nausea makes you the dick.

What we are basically doing is jumping on someone who has made a prediction. It leads to people not making bold statements and as a result people will play it safe to avoid the tedious crap that follows.

Seemingly we want bolder pundits, but we aren’t happy when people take a chance and get it wrong.

So here goes: All 3 promoted teams will struggle as they were all average in the league below, and Norwich won’t be anywhere near as good as people think they will be.

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