Technology in sport: why it can f**k off

There seems to be a universal love for technology in football. As far as I’m aware, and I don’t research these things, there’ll be goal line technology in place in the Premier League next season. Hooray say the masses, and boo say I.

Why do I dislike technology in sport? Well it isn’t the fact that the right decision is usually made, but more the fact that it sanitises football. The game, basically an organised chaos, will soon enough be without error. Talking points will be removed, the pain & passion ultimately alleviated by constant breaks in play.

To illustrate my point about breaks in play, hang on I just want to make sure that last sentence made sense (draws tv with hands) now we have to wait a few minutes, forget what they say about a few seconds, and we’re good to go again. Result: inconclusive.

Now where was I? Oh yes breaks in play. Now stop there, got to check that spelling now. (Draws tv with hands) now whistle for a minute or 2. Good to go again. Result: it was fine.

Football & other sports are made great by split second moments. That brief second before the ball hits the back of the net, followed by that euphoria. It’s a perfect second that sets sport apart & makes it so popular. If you then have to wait 2 minutes to check if it was a good goal, then you’re eliminating something so vital to the enjoyment of the game.

Ultimately, I don’t expect anybody to agree with me, but I’m of the opinion that football is fine, and all the better for mistakes. The clearing up of the 2 or 3 contentious goal line decisions made every year, won’t change anything, and trust me, when referees start going to the video ref for clear goals, you’ll start to tire of it too.

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