Preseason: let’s not get confused, football isn’t back.

Yesterday I did something I said I would never do again: I attended a preseason friendly.

I had some time to kill before attending the wedding celebrations of a friend in the evening, so I thought I’d go along.

My expectations weren’t high, in fact they were hitting the heights of a snakes stomach at the start, and sadly by the final whistle the “game” couldn’t even reach that.

It was a nothing affair. Goals went in, players looked slow and off the pace, and Chesterfield looked a touch fitter and like they were taking it a touch more seriously.

Huddersfield brought a fair number of fans, and Chesterfield’s stewards decided to keep us all together in one section of a stand.

This rather pointless act ended when a few “lads” sat in the next section, and much like the middle aged man who sees kids on his car, but doesn’t do anything about it, the stewards realised this wasn’t a fight worth having anymore.

Ultimately though, it was the sort of game synonymous with preseason. Drink breaks, mass substitutions, and players who you’ll never see play during the season getting a game & making no impact whatsoever.

It was a reminder that football doesn’t start in July and preseason really is best ignored. My advice, watch the cricket until football actually returns in August

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