Kick Memes out of football



I bet I can.

Ever since memes went mainstream, people have been using them at every opportunity to describe an emotion or make a quick joke. Some football fans thought it would a cracking idea to introduce memes into football for a good laugh, but they have become so popular and frequent that they are the fat tumour growing in the football side of Twitter and Facebook.

The purpose of football meme accounts is take an action of a player or club, poke fun at it and recycle the joke for a few months to earn endless retweets, angry responses of “yeah we got the joke 4 tweets ago” and gain more followers than Andorra’s population. No surprise this type of account is so popular; people love repetition and basic humour, hence why KSI still has an audience and keeps rolling in the Youtube dollars.

Their frequent use of the words ‘overrated’, ‘legend’ and ‘respect’ combined with poor grammar and an inability to make their mind up on a player make these accounts hard to like and cause you to hate anyone who regularly retweets them. Take GeniusFootball for example on Neymar. The account posts this but then later posts this about him. Come on now GenuisFootball, please make your mind up on the player because you’re coming across as schizophrenic and thick as a Geordie Shore cast member after a lobotomy.

If you ever see a poor example of a football meme, tweet a link to it and hasthag #KickMemesOutOfFootball or #AgainstModernFootball. Maybe this will start a fight against poor football discourse. Or something.

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