The Day of a Dutchman

Once again by busy schedule (sitting on the sofa in my pants) has got in the way so I offer you this rather brilliant post by @krlhnsen

Wilfried Bony from Vitesse is being tracked by almost every single Premier League team. And why not? He is tall, physically strong and heads like a rhinoceros. The stereotypical ideal striker for most English clubs. The following Premier League teams are linked to Bony:
Arsenal, Aston Villa, Cardiff City, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Southampton, Stoke City, Sunderland, Swansea City, Tottenham Hotspur, West Bromwich Albion and West Ham United (source: WZV). Quite a bunch, to be honest. The latest rumours said Bony will be off to Swansea, but an official statement of Vitesse denied these reports. He’ll probably be signed by Swansea in a couple of days.

Meanwhile PSV are looking to replace their current defence, just because they have the pace and agility of a pair of invalid chairs, with another scrappy defender: Jeffrey Bruma. He is your average boy-wonder goes to a high end club way too soon with the universal currency sign in his eyes, fails, and, with a few sidesteps, returns to his home league. All the while not improving a bit. It has even gone worse: while playing for HSV, he was being replaced with Rajkovic, a player who wasn’t good enough for Vitesse, Twente and the aforementioned PSV. Bruma will be officially signed this coming Monday.

The Scottish team Ross County is, like the writer, into Dutch football, seen from the fact that they have already signed four players from the Eredivsie this summer alone. One of those players is Darren Maatsen, former player of Excelsior. According to the player, a little movie was made from his tricks and shots and next thing he knew, he had an traineeship at Ross County. We’ve seen this before with Ajax and Iván Gabrich. The striker made 10 appearances, no goals and is considered as one of the worst acquisitions of Ajax. Rumours go he even was a cabdriver instead of a professional footballer in Argentine.

The rest of the world is watching the Confederations Cup. The most exciting thing in football, after all regular competitions ended this season.

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