Chelsea is full of daddies

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Young Dutch midfielder Marco van Ginkel has been the subject of some transfer speculation recently. The 20 year old of Vitesse wants to join Ajax, but Vitesse have rejected their 7 million euros bid. However, it came to light today that they have accepted a 5 million euros offer of Chelsea. Why accept a lower offer? Well, because Ajax is direct competition, says Vitesse. No, it’s because dealing with Vitesse is indirectly dealing with Chelsea says Karel Jansen, the agent of Marco van Ginkel.
In short, Vitesse is Merab Jordania, Chelsea is Abramovich and Abramovich is Jordania’s daddy.

As things stand, Chelsea will transfer an amount of 5 million euros to Vitesse before the 1st of July, even though Marco van Ginkel is not sure where he wants to go. There has been no agreement between the player and the club. Van Ginkel is in some kind of limbo, with the only possible out at the moment being a contract at Chelsea. At Chelsea, he’d be bossed around by José Mourinho. The Portuguese wants him and by the looks of things, he will get what he wants. No wonder, because Abramovich may be a daddy, so is Mourinho. Ask Mickael Essien, he said so himself. Even with the clear lack of resemblance between the Ghanaian midfielder and the success coach. ‘Congratulations to ‘daddy’ Jose for securing your new job’, is what Essien tweeted.

André Villas-Boas is quite clearly not a daddy so it was no wonder that the former assistant of Daddy Mourinho couldn’t last at the London club for too long. Sacked after eight months and mainly, it is rumoured, because of the involvement of Frank Lampard, who wasn’t too happy with the handsome and tiny Portuguese fella. Frank Lampard is a daddy. He says stuff and people listen. And now, a 20 year old midfielder is about to be signed and Frank knows he has to nurture him.

Van Ginkel. A babyfaced assassin in midfield. He will soon be forced to man up, as he’s about to join a ‘Daddy’s Club’.

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