What happened today in football? 24/6/18

I’ll be honest I’m already wavering on these daily posts. Nobody is reading them, but I will persevere as I don’t want to give up so easily.

Another stellar day in football. Maybe that’s the reason nobody is reading these, because nothing of note is actually happening. Can’t be that, people trawl the Internet to find a tenuous link, that they then use to convince themselves a player is signing for their club.

David Dunn, of chicken advert fame, has signed a new deal at Blackburn Rovers.

Kasper Schmeichel insists he’s not asked to leave Leicester, which means he almost definitely has asked to leave.

Huddersfield completed the double signing of Jon Stead & Adam Hammill, meaning we’ll only sign players who used to play for us. I personally can’t wait to see David May back in defence & Ben Thornley on the wing.

Doncaster have signed a former Real Madrid player, I’ve not done the research so I’m guessing it’s Luis Figo.

They’ve also given Brian Horton a job, which is good as I saw him in a press room recently and he looked terribly lost.

See you tomorrow

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