Finding our level: the return of Jon Stead

About 10 years ago Huddersfield Town found themselves in the forth tier of English football, and around this time Jon Stead started to shine.

He’d previously been a terrible, gangly striker with a penchant for rare but always deflected goals, but suddenly it clicked for him.

Now at this point 2 things became clear: Huddersfield Town were at their lowest ebb and Jon Stead was clearly too good for them.

Stead left to play in the Premier League, and although he made an immediate impact, it swiftly became clear that this was not his level.

He looked out of his depth in the top flight, and eventually became a journeyman striker. He never really got a run of games, but impressed people enough to earn contracts with championship clubs.

Huddersfield Town were clearly too big for the bottom division & with a lot of investment, patience, and some luck, outgrew league one.

So Huddersfield Town and John Stead are reunited at a perfect time for both. The Terriers have found themselves as a lower level Championship Club, and Stead is a lower level Championship striker.

Stead probably won’t push the club on to the next level, but at this moment in time it’s a match made in heaven.

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