What happened today in football? 23/6/13

Now I’m not privy to the goings on at Brighton & Hove Albion football club, but I think you’ll be hard pressed to find anybody who thinks announcing the dismissal of a manager, whilst he’s on TV is utterly classless.

This couldn’t have been much worse for Poyet, unless he’d actually farted live on air, or suffered a complete falling down style meltdown.

Now I’m no great fan of Poyet, but he’s done a good job at Brighton. He’s been successful but more significantly enforced a style of play and laid down solid foundations at the club.

Whether he deserved to be sacked or not, and it certainly cannot be justified on football terms, the club will look utterly ridiculous and have undone a lot of good work that they’d done in the last few years.

Liverpool continued their recruitment drive by picking up another Spaniard, this time Iago Aspas.

Now I don’t wish to anger any Liverpool fan, but they so far appear to be buying squad players, and although rumours suggest this won’t entirely be the case, I suspect their fans will expect better.

No funny little lines during this edition, but as nobody reads it yet, I’m sure there’ll be no objections.

See you tomorrow all

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