What happened today in football? 22/6/13

It is on Saturday where you really start to feel the absence of football in your life. So I’d like to say that a lot of great things happened today. Unfortunately, very little did, and once again I’m left to discuss the trivial in a lighthearted way.

Liverpool continue to make steady progress in the transfer market. Adding some youth in Luis Alberto, possibly to cancel out the fact they signed Kolo Toure a while ago, and he was in the same crèche as Taribo West. No idea if he’s a good player, but young and Spanish is usually a pretty good start in modern football.

Bret Holman has left Aston Villa, which would be a surprise to many, as most didn’t know he was there in the first place, or in fact who he is.

And finally the team sheet from Alex Ferguson’s first game in charge of Manchester United sold for £19,000 at auction. Such greats as Peter Davenport & Graeme Hogg were included, but Kolo Toure had to settle for a place on the bench, as he was struggling to play 2 games in a week at his age.

So that was today, another classic. I’m taking a rest on Sunday, not because I’m a Christian, I just fancy a break. See you Monday

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