A window of delusion

Every year, around this time, football fans become desperate. As a result of this desperation they decide to follow Fourfourtom or an ITK account in the hope that they’ll reveal the identity of the big signing, who they’ve all been clamouring to see.

The pointlessness and stupidity involved in these actions cannot be overstated, but that’s another blog for another day. However it’s when these type writing monkeys inadvertently write Shakespeare, that the fans delusion kicks in.

ITK moron: “Your club to definitely sign this player”

Deluded fan: “Oh fuck off, he only scored 98 goals last week, he’s patently not good enough for my provincial club”

Suddenly no player on earth is right for their club. The football fan always has an idea of who they want (usually someone who was on loan at the club last season, whether they were good or not) and nobody else will suffice.

Ignoring the fact that big name signings have invariably flopped at their club, and loanees who sign permanently tend to look half the player now they’ve got a fat three year contract, fans persist with these names, and hide their disappointment about as well as a kid who asked for a playstation, but got a toothbrush instead.

Reality is a kick in the teeth sometimes, but no signing on earth is guaranteed to be a success. Ambition is a good quality but don’t be surprised to see your club sign Marlon Harewood, when you were hoping for Ronaldo.

The transfer window, like the window at a drive thru, rarely delivers anything that even closely resembles what you thought you were going to get.

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