What happened today in football? 21/6/13

In writing this post on a daily basis I’ve started to realise that not much does happen in football during June.

I am tempted to start a lawn tennis blog for the months of November to February every year, just to really keep my finger firmly on the pulse.

However I’m committed to this now, and my reader won’t forgive me if I don’t persevere with it.

Reading laid down a marker to the rest of the Championship by signing Royston Drenthe. Now this will inevitably lead to “he’ll tear up the Championship” comments, and maybe he will. However, he might also be disappointingly terrible & a considerable waste of money.

Newcastle continued to focus on the important stuff by changing the name of “Shearer’s” bar to “nine” which will make a lot of difference. Whether the number 9 would make a more interesting pundit is a question yet to be asked, probably because the answer is clear to all.

And that’s it really. A lot of clubs keep saying they’re “close” to signing someone. And that’s a problem if you ask me. Shut up about it until they’re stood in the stadium holding the scarf above their head.

I like signings to be a complete surprise, not something we all knew 2 months ago.

Here’s hoping the weekend delivers some real football news, and not just that Charles N’Zogbia has had some surgery.

All the best

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