What happened today in football? 19/6/13

After a break of about a month from football (half an hour if you’re watching that giant health & safety event in Brazil) the fixture list was released today.

Never the most exciting day, but when you’ve had an enforced break from the game, it does offer the first hint of the excitement yet to come.

The BBC ran with the headline “Redknapp starts at Sheffield Wednesday” so I assume he starts in midfield, although I’ve no idea who he’s playing for.

In other news Andy Carroll was transferred to West Ham for around £17.5million. Over £50 million has now been spent on Carroll, and although there’s room in every team for a player who’s quite good at heading, I can’t help but think that he’ll never justify the amount of money spent on him.

It’s not the players fault, but it was as if Liverpool spent all their money on some magic beans, and West Ham feeling sorry for them decided to give them half of the money they spent. This makes West Ham only half as idiotic as Liverpool.

Tottenham, obviously desperately disappointed to miss out on the opportunity to employ Joe Kinnear, have appointed that bloke who used to hang around with Fabio Capello as Technical Director.

And finally, Huddersfield Town release their new kit tomorrow. This will almost certainly be a bold new design, with increased Breathability & a lighter fabric for optimum performance. My bet is it’ll be green & yellow stripes, although I wouldn’t put money on it.

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