What happened today in football? 18/6/13

A relatively busy day in football today. Not heavy on the transfers everyone is desperate to see, but a day in which a man deservedly lost his job & 2 men got jobs they scarcely deserve.

Stuart Pearce followed Kevin Keegan in showing that tub-thumping passion only gets you so far in football management.

Joe Kinnear found time during a conference call to Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger & the ghost of Walter Winterbottom, to take the director of football job at Newcastle United.

Leicester City appear to be doing a Baldrick: solving their Aunts low roof problem by chopping of her head. Employing Dave Richards to cut the wage bill only ends one way: he sends the club into liquidation, blows up the stadium, and salts the earth so nothing ever grows there again.

On the signings front: Barnsley have signed Dale Jennings, who leaves the European Champions to probably rediscover his natural level & Aston Villa have signed a Danish striker who sounds like a character from the Odyssey.

Not a very exciting day, but developments we’ll watch with a sort of interest

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